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Visit these 8 beautiful countries without a visa

You do not need a visa before you can plan a foreign tour. There are many countries in the world who allow tourists without visas roaming.


Bhutan’s monarchy is a small and important country in South Asia, inhabited by the Himalayas. This country is located between China and India. This country’s local name is Druk Yu.

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Bhutan is a mountainous area surrounded by the surroundings. In the north, the mountains’ peaks are somewhere higher than 7000 meters, the highest peak Kula Kangri is 7553 meters. The height of Gangaram Pansum is 6896 meters, which has not yet reached the feet of humans.

The southern part of the country is relatively low and there are many fertile and intense valleys which meet the valley of Brahmaputra. About 70% of the country’s area is covered with forests. Most of the country’s population lives in the intermediate parts of the country. The capital city of Thimphu, the largest city in the country, has a population of 50,000, which is located in the western part of the country.

Nepal (नेपाल)

Nepal is a South Asian landmark Himalayan nation. Tibet is the Autonomous Region of China in the north of Nepal and India is in the south, east, and west. It is important to know that 81 percent of Nepalese citizens are Hindus. You can also hang out without a visa here

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Nepal, through which our country has such an assurance that we are hit without a visa passport there. Nepal whose culture and climate are such that we have come to have relations with her daughter and Roti and would like to continue it even further. Nepal where we used to wait for Babuji’s childhood in Chinese children’s toys, where the value of Indian rupee still grows nearly one and a half times today. Until recently, the world had the distinction of being the only Hindu nation. Which is moving towards democratic maturity through Naxalism?

El Salvador (एल साल्वाडोर)

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. Its boundaries between Guatemala and Honduras meet the Pacific Ocean. It is located on Fonseca Bay, just as Nicaragua joins south. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the visa.

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Grenada (ग्रेनाडा)

Speaking of Grenada, it is located on the southern end of the Grenadines in the South Eastern the Caribbean Sea. It is a sovereign island country, composed of Grenada Islands and six small islands. The beauty here is KABIL-A-compliments, which allows Indian tourists to roam without the visa.

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Ecuador (ईक्वाडोर)

Consider the fact that the Republic of Ecuador, a representative democratic republic located in South America. It is information that in the north of Colombia, in the east and south Peru and west to the Pacific ocean is located, and all are beautiful. Come on, do not visit here without visa

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Ecuador, officially the Republic of Ecuador (literally, “Republic of the Equator”), is a representative democratic republic located in South America. Located in the north of Colombia, east to the south and Peru and west to the Pacific Ocean. This is one of the two countries (other Chile) in South America, whose limitations do not match with Brazil.

Dominica (डोमिनिका)

Dominica is a country inhabited by the Caribbean region of North America continent. The beauty of this country is its beauty. You will definitely be lost in the beauty of it, that too without a visa.

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Fiji ( फिजी)

Officially, Fiji Islands is known as the Republic. Let it be said that it is an island country in Melanesia of the South Pacific Ocean. It is located about 2000 km northeast of New Zealand’s North Island. This country is very rich with the attitude of the finest natural scenes. The big and the good thing is that you will not even need the hassles like Visa to roam here.

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Jamaica ( जमैका)

An island nation located on the Greater Antilles is Jamaica. The total expansion of the island nation of 234 km length and 80 km width is 19, 100 square kilometers. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this country is located 145 km south of Cuba and 190 km west of Haiti. If you talk about beauty then you will introduce new words to this word, this place, without that visa.

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