Top 5 Places to visit in July in India

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With the monsoon picking up pace, most people plan to curl up in their bed with a good book and a hot steaming cup of coffee; cringing at the mere thought of traveling in the rains. But for most wanderlust bitten travellers like us, here are some amazing places to visit in July and check off your travel list. What’s more, most places in India have incredibly slashed prices in monsoons!

1. Shillong, Meghalaya


With the storm grabbing pace, a great many people plan to twist up in their bed with a decent book and a hot some espresso; wincing at the simple idea of going in the downpours. In any case, for most hunger for new experiences nibbled explorers like us, here are some astonishing spots to visit in July and scratch off your travel list. Likewise, most places in India have unfathomably cut costs in rainstorm!

2. Goa


No place would beat be able to Goa in its vitality as a traveling spot. Famous for its sandy coastlines and vigorous nightlife, this state has a respectfully quiet side to it. The Portuguese impact in Goa is seen till date in the grand engineering all around the city. These spots of love, notwithstanding giving a quiet climate, are additionally shocking bits of craftsmanship which have amazing complex plans. How about we investigate the main ten ostentatious places of worship around Goa to loosen up and get transported into the changed history of the area.

3. Dalhousie


A standout amongst the most perfect slope stations in Himachal Pradesh and India, Dalhousie is named after Lord Dalhousie the British representative General who set up the town as a mainstream summer withdraw. The town was set up in 1854 by the British and is situated at the western scopes of the Himalayas at a normal rise of 1,970 meters above ocean level. The town is as yet commendable of conveniently arranged lanes and pioneer period engineering of the structures that are a wonder to witness in the midst of the lavish green environment and snow topped pinnacles of the Himalayas.

4. Ladakh

A place of mountain and monasteries. With little rainfalls, fresh air, splendid Pangong Lake, rugged mountain ranges and picturesque Nubra valley and a motorcycle and you’re set for enriching ride. June- September is a peak season here in Ladakh 

5. Orchha

The city of historic palaces and temples nestled between forests and vegetation livens up in monsoons. The rains give it a rustic charm. The Betwa river is one of the important rivers in Madhya Pradesh, has seven streams converging at  which makes it a sight to watch. By and large, Madhya Pradesh receives less rainfall and seldom ferocious one, making Orchha an ideal destination to head during monsoons.


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