Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: Mexico parade and celebration for Dia de los Muertos

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MEXICO CITY’S Day of the Dead parade blended colourful costumes with a hard-hitting political message – here are the best pictures from the event.

Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico City

The third annual Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations were watched by tens of thousands of people in Mexico City.

This year’s parade was held in memory of migrants who have died while journeying from Mexico to the United States.

The event comes as a group of about 7,000 people make their way from Central America through Mexico in the hope of reaching the US border.

Mexico City government had said on Twitter: “The parade… is dedicated to migrants, who in their transit to other countries have lost their lives, and who in their passing through the country have contributed to a true ‘Refuge City,”

Among the skeleton-clad dancers and marigold-strewn floats were grey panels representing the Mexican side of the US border.

On it was written the words: “There are also dreams on this side.”

The parade, held on November 2, was one of the centrepiece of Mexico’s most famous annual festival.

Dia de Muertos’ is a celebration of the dead in which friends and relatives of the deceased believe their souls come back to visit.


Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: Skull masks

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: Participants wearing skull masks in the parade in Mexico City (Image: EPA)

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: Woman with skull

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: A woman uses body paint to create a skull (Image: EPA)

The tradition dates back several thousand years to the Aztec culture and later developed as a festival marked in the nine month of the Aztec calendar.

A combination of two events, the Mexican festival starts with the Day of the Innocents on November 1 before Day of the Dead on November 2.

Skeleton imagery is used as a central motif while Mexican marigolds are the festival’s associated flowers.

Relatives will visit the graves of loved ones or create shrines at home, adorning them with marigolds, candles and rosaries.

Day of the Dead 2018 in picture: Skeleton

Day of the Dead 2018 in picture: One of the dancing skeletons (Image: EPA)

How did Mexico City’s annual parade start?

This is the third year of the parade which is being promoted as a tourist attraction for Mexico.

Organisers decided to introduce it after the James Bond film Spectre featured a similar-looking festival.

Where other parades held?

Another parade was held in Guadalajara, western Mexico.

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: Dancers

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: These dancers resemble ‘Catrinas’ (Image: EPA)

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: Performer

Day of the Dead 2018 in pictures: One of the parade’s performers (Image: EPA)

A “Catrina” parade was also marked in the Saltillo state of Coahuila.

La Calaveras Catrina, the Lady of the Dead, has become one of the main icons of Dia de Muertos.

She features as a females skeleton wearing a wide hat.

Women dressed as “Carinas” at a Catrina parade in the Saltillo state of Coahuila.

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