Now the government will prepare your property’s ‘Digital Address | Information

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Now the government will prepare your property’s ‘Digital Address’, this will be the advantage.

Now the government will create the digital address of your property and place of doing the business, as the Aadhaar card number is given for personal identification. For this, the Ministry of Communications has started a pilot project. The digital address will have a six-digit address that will become the identity of the people’s address.

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According to the report, at the beginning this post is being made in three postal codes, one in Delhi and the second is Noida. If the Postal is Digital Address, you will be able to find out the name of the property owner the tax records can be viewed and you will also be able to know if there is an electricity water and gas connection in that property. The government does this work together with a company called ‘Map My India.

How will the digital address work?

Suppose someone has a 147 address, XX Pocket, 2A, Janakpuri, then your digital address will be something like this: 8GDTYX. It would be completely small and simple. Map My India takes the help of ISRO and National Satellite Images Service ‘Bhuvan’ for this purpose.

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