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10 fabulous floating restaurants across the Globe.

If you are fond of eating and roaming then some floating restaurants in the world can become part of your wish list. We have brought the same ten floating restaurant of the world here, of which India has also been able to make a restaurant its place. Let’s learn, what happens in the floating restaurant.

Nusa Penida Island Floating Restaurant, Indonesia

This floating restaurant is near Bali Island Indonesia. The food and drinks of this restaurant is famous all over the world.

Nusa Penida Island - wikifeed

The Murinsel Cafe, Austria

Myurinasel Cafe in Austria is quite opp in the list of floating restaurants. This restaurant is made up of a Bito acancy of New York artists.

The Murinsel Cafe, Austria - wikifeed

The Mack Barz Restaurant, Columbia

In floating restaurants, Maikabarj restaurant of British Columbia was built from the kind of camper place. Little by little, the best taste recipes began to unravel

The Mack Barz Restaurant, Columbia- wikifeed

Sea Restaurant, Vancouver

Vancouver restaurants in floating restaurants are known to have a unique ID that is made up of plastic. As material in the manufacture of this restaurant, almost 1700 plastic bottles and cedar wood have been used.

Sea Restaurant, Vancouver- wikifeed

Rustar Dhow Floating Restaurant, Dubai

The restaurants of the big floating world include Dubai’s Ruustar dhow. USP of the restaurant is that it keeps spinning around instead of staying stable. In this restaurant, 397 people can have lunch and dinner at the same time.

Rustar Dhow Floating Restaurant, Dubai- wikifeed

Cat Ba Bay Restaurant, Vietnam

Vietnam’s floating restaurant is known for its Cat Bay Bay Seafood. This restaurant has been built like a house.

Cat Ba Bay Restaurant, Vietnam- wikifeed

BBQ Donut Restaurant, Germany

The name of Dona Bibikyuu’s restaurant in Germany has been taken from two foods. This restaurant has a pool table where food is served.

BBQ Donut Restaurant, Germany- wikifeed

Sea Palace, Amsterdam, Netherlands

C Palace is Europe’s first floating Chinese restaurant. Sea Palace Restaurant is an unsuccessful specimen of Chinese architecture.

Sea Palace Restaurant, Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam, The Netherland- wikifeed

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant, Hong Kong

The world’s largest floating restaurant is the Jumbo Kingdom of Hong Kong. In this restaurant, 2300 people can eat food together. This restaurant, which floats in water, is considered one of Hong Kong’s most attractive places.

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant, Hong Kong - wikifeed

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